Unleash the BEAST: Animal Flow Workout

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Tap into your primal instincts with this intro to Animal Flow. These movements are ground based bodyweight exercises that mimic the movements and locomotion patterns of some of Earth's most interesting non-human creatures. Animal Flow can be done almost anywhere and provides tremendous benefits including: increased relative strength, core control, head to toe mobility, and joint stability. The movements can be utilized as part of a dynamic warm up, a tough finisher to cap off a workout, or a total body challenge on their own.

CG Arena Trainer and Animal Flow Coach, Jake Jensen, broke down three of his favorite movements for us. Let’s flow!

Trainer/Workout by:  Jake Jensen

Equipment:  None

Complete 4 sets of 10-15 reps


Loaded Beast Pattern

Begin on all fours with your face and belly down. Keep knees under your hips and hands directly underneath shoulder blades. Keep toes on the ground and flexed up towards shins.

Maintain a neutral spine and take a deep breath. Exhale fully and keep the entire core tight while lifting the knees 1" off the ground. Only your hands and toes should have contact with the ground.

Keep heels and knees off the ground, breathe in and sit your hips back towards your heels. Keep head between arms and actively press your head away from your hands and towards your knees.  

Once you have loaded your hips as far back as possible, drive your legs forward until they are fully extended into plank position.

Pick one foot off the ground, then pull that knee towards the same side elbow as you exhale. Keep core tight and engaged.

Place that foot back to starting position while continuing to keep the knees 1" off the ground.

Repeat the entire pattern and alternate sides. Both sides equal one rep.


Crab Rollover

Begin in a crab position; your face and belly should be facing upward. Place hands behind you and feet facing forward while keeping hips 1" off the ground.  Keep the hands & feet equidistant from the center of the pelvis and drive the ears away from the shoulders.

Engage and tighten the core while lifting your right hand and the left foot off the ground at the same time. Your opposite foot and hand will remain on the ground.

With as much control as possible, pull the lifted leg underneath your hips and rotate your torso and lower body around to a face/belly down position. Then place your right hand and left foot on the ground in a floating all fours position (see previous  "Loaded Beast Pattern").

Flip over and return to the original crab position and repeat pattern using the opposite hand and foot.

Repeat the entire pattern and alternate sides. Both sides equal one rep.


Deep Ape Series:

Sit into the deepest squat your mobility allows. Keep your heels on the ground and a tall posture while maintaining a neutral spine.  

Place your hands together in a prayer position in front of your chest and keep elbows on the insides of your knees. Using your elbows, press your knees out & away from each other while slowly inhaling and exhaling.  

Extend your arms out in front of your chest, actively reaching out as far as you can without losing neutral spine or squat position. Roll your thumbs down until the back of both hands are touching and take a slow breath.  

Sit as tall as possible into your squat, reach both arms up overhead. Pull the thumbs behind your head and pointing the fingers up high. Take another slow breath.  

While maintaining deep squat position, lift the heels off the ground onto your toes. At the same time, open the arms with palms up at shoulder height. Pull the thumbs behind you as far as possible and take a slow breath.  

Lower the heels until your entire foot is in contact with the ground, then carefully place both hands on the ground 8-12' in front of toes. Spread the fingers wide for increased contact. Slowly transfer your bodyweight away from your squat, and lift your feet off the ground a towards your hands until you can completely support yourself on your hands. Lift both feet off of the ground and balance into a crow pose (see pic above).  If your feet cannot come off the ground yet, leave them in the supported position.

Inhale and exhale, then slowly return feet to squat position and return the hands back to chest to restart the series. Repeat all FIVE positions as a "flow" or "series" while keeping the deep squat the entire time.


Tosin Adebo